The most frequently asked question

There is a question that is more frequently asked than others and so we’ll lead with it here by way of perhaps saving you some time.

Is my bicycle covered as part of my homeowners insurance?

Most people are unsure if their bicycle is currently covered under another insurance policy they may have, such as a homeowners or renter's policy. What many cyclists do not know, is that most homeowners policies have limits on coverage for sporting equipment, like bicycles. To find out if your bike is covered under your homeowners insurance policy, we've put together some questions to ask your current or potential homeowners or renters insurer:

  • Is my bike covered if it is stolen from the coffee shop after my ride?
    With Sundays it is, but only if secured to an immoveable object with an appropriate security device.
  • Is my bicycle covered if I drive into a parking garage forgetting it is on my car's roof?
    With Sundays it is.
  • Is my bicycle covered if I have a bad crash with my bicycle while competing in a race?
    With Sundays it is.
  • Are my medical expenses covered if I have a serious crash?
    With Sundays you have the option to purchase medical payments coverage.
  • Is my bicycle covered if it is worth more than $1,000 and stolen from my home?
    With Sundays it is and you have the option to insure your bicycle at its replacement value.
  • Do I have to insure my home contents with you to be able to get cover for my bicycles?
    With Sundays you don't

General FAQs

What does it cost and how do I take out a policy?

The cost of a policy depends on a number of factors including the value of your bike and the options you select. Many of our customers agree that Sundays insurance is a small price to pay relative to the cost of replacing your bike.
The easiest way to take out a policy is to get a quote on our web site or call one of our sales agents on (855) 456-5701.

How much do I insure my bike for?

This is a replacement value policy with the maximum limit of value you've stated during quote. So you'll want to make sure the limit is high enough to replace your bike as it is currently configured. Don't forget to add the value of your accessories and other components you want covered.

What information do I need to provide for my insurance coverage to start?

The information we ask through the quote / purchase process is all we need to start your coverage.
If you need to file a claim, we may need to see your proof of purchase or receipt of purchase. Please retain your receipts for your bike, accessories, spare parts, etc. to help us should you need to make a claim.

Can I insure my bike for just the riding season?

While our policies are all calculated on an annual premium, we have taken into account where you live. So while you might only be able to ride for 9 months of the year because you are under 5 feet of snow in winter, your annual premium will reflect this. Keep in mind, any number of things can happen to your bike during the non-riding months (theft, vandalism, etc.), and Sundays covers many of those mishaps. Plus you can receive a credit on your renewal rate for maintaining loss-free, continuous coverage.

What happens after I make a claim?

We will work with you to resolve your claim quickly. The length of time it takes will depend on each individual claim. If all of the necessary documents are submitted (photos, receipts, etc.), and we have completed our investigation, claims are paid in a timely matter.

My bike isn't new – is it worth insuring?

Even if it isn't new we can still insure your bike. Replacing a broken or stolen bike can still be a very expensive exercise even if it was 3 or 4 years old.

So I'm covered while racing?

Absolutely. Any of the coverage options you purchase (Bicycle Physical Damage coverage, Bicycle Liability coverage, Medical Payment coverage, and Vehicle Contact Protection) are extended while you are racing.

Can I see a sample policy?

A sample policy document can be found here (insert hyper-link). In it you will find the detail around what’s covered, limits to coverage and exclusions. If you still have questions about the policy coverage please contact us at 1-(855) 456-5701. We’re always happy to talk bikes, riding and insurance.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

Making a claim is simple. Please refer to our ‘Claim’ page and follow the simple directions to file your claim.

What is a Deductible?

Your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying in the event of a covered loss to the insured bicycle. For example, if your $5,000 bike is stolen with a $250 deductible on Bicycle Physical Damage, Sundays would pay $4,750 for the claim and your responsibility would be $250 .

I'm traveling with my bike – is it covered?

Your bike is automatically protected within the USA and Canada under our Physical Damage coverage when traveling by land or air (Hawaii and Alaska are included).
You can elect to take out our optional Worldwide Physical Damage Protection which will ensure you are covered when traveling around the globe.

What if I have a collision with a car?

In unfortunate event you are hit by a car your bike will be covered under your bicycle Physical Damage Coverage.
If you have chosen to purchase our Medical Payments coverage you will also be covered up to the limits you selected at the time of purchase for any medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.
Select our Vehicle Contact Protection cover and you can rest assured that if the driver at fault in a collision with you while riding your insured bike is uninsured or under insured the costs associated with the physical injuries you sustain will be covered.

I’ve got more than one bike. Do I get a discount?

Yes we do provide a discount for insuring more than one bike. As you go through the quote process and add more bikes the rates quoted will be discounted accordingly.

Who is Sundays?

Sundays insurance is a group of bike enthusiasts who have a passion for riding and racing. The team behind Sundays have bike insurance businesses in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Sundays is partnered with Markel American Insurance Company, a leader in recreational insurance and an A.M. Best, A rated US insurance company.
Our passion for bicycles backed by the security of Markel is your assurance of knowing you are covered by the best bicycle insurance product in the market.